Small Family

    Output (kwh/year)
    7,200 to 7,800*

    Suitable for:
    upto 2 people

  • 6.5 KW SYSTEM
    Large Family

    Output (kwh/year)
    9,100 to 10,400*

    Suitable for:
    upto 5 people

  • 10 KW SYSTEM
    Small Business

    Output (kwh/year)
    14,900 to 15,330*

    Suitable for:
    1-10 People


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    Assumptions: Savings calculation based on a detached house. minimum feed-in tariff of 11.3 c/kwh. Based on an average household load profile (Bureau of Statistics). Monthly saving is simplified to annual saving / 12. Actual
    payback may vary on exact location, system conversion efficiency and other factors.

    Why Ultimate Solar Energy?

    We are one of the leading suppliers of solar panels in Melbourne and we provide the solutions that you need to back up your house and reduce your consumption from the grid at the lowest cost!

    Certified Installations

    Solar power systems require specialized solar designers and electricians who ensure that all the system will be install

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    Customer Support

    Solar energy is easy to understand. But we make it easier for you! We guide you through the system and show you how it

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    Eco- Friendly

    Instead of backing up your house with a fossil fuel generator and adding a carbon footprint in your record, choose a gr

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    For better or worse, Australia is one of the countries with the highest electricity rates around the world. Fortunately

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    System Warranty

    Nothing is more important for USE than to make sure you get what you asked for! With our system warranty you can rest a

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    Top Quality Products

    USE's quality assurance team source and recommend one of the most recognized brands in the industry.

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      review rating 5  I have purchased 6.6kw system for my house am I’m very happy with it so far. It has been already 6 months, USE Workers even came back after 7 months to do a health check of system. Everything is great and I’m very happy with the savings

      thumb Trigger_ninja Yeet

      review rating 5  This is highly recommended solar company. I am satisfied with the work done. They provide good customer services in submitting electricity grid connection paper work. My electricity bill is in credit and most of the time I pay my gas bill from that credit. Thanks Ultimate solar energy team and Solar Victoria.

      thumb Chambly Drive

      review rating 5  We are extremely happy with the solar unit. The whole company from the office to the installation team were helpful and friendly. Very professional and efficient company who i highly recommend. Do yourself a favor and have a look at them when selecting a solar company.

      thumb Khal Ayoubi

    The time for solar is NOW !

    Solar energy prices have amazingly reduced over the last decade with the increasing installations around the world and Australia. However, feed-in tariff (FiT) schemes have also reduced and will probably become less attractive over the next years. Therefore, now is the time when solar is widely accessible and when the subsidy schemes still offer a good incentive!

    Empower the Future Australian Generations with Sustainable, Reliable and Clean Energy


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