How to Select the best commercial solar PV installers in Victoria?

How to Select the best commercial solar PV installers in Victoria?

Unlike residential sectors, where more energy requirements are at night hours, most commercial sectors operate between 9 am – 5 pm. This scenario makes Australian businesses a perfect fit for solar PV systems.

It is a fact that commercial solar PV installations require expert installers with relevant accreditations and certifications. In this blog, we have summarized some key aspects to analyze before finalizing commercial solar installers. So, let’s start with how to evaluate commercial solar installers in Australia:



One of the principal factors to evaluate is the experience of commercial solar PV installers in the industry. In particular, check for commercial PV installers solar in Victoria because such installations have entirely different processes than domestic solar system installations. Since commercial solar systems are large and complex, they require diverse commercial-specific working skill sets. So, go for experienced solar retailers with minimum five years of experience in the business.



Trustworthiness is another significant factor for any best commercial solar company. Main processes, from inspection and price quotes to installation, work smoothly in many cases. The problem starts with after-sales service and support required by commercial installers. Reliable solar installers always show up when solar consumers need them for after-installation services, customer support, or warranty claims. Therefore, opt for a company that delivers extensive post-installation service with positive customer reviews on relevant platforms like Google, Clean Energy Council (Australia), and social media.


Commercial Property Size

Since numerous solar installation businesses are operating in Australia, it is significant to comprehend which one has extensive work experience in solar PV installations on commercial properties with dimensions just like yours. It will be a wise decision to go for solar installers with expansive commercial solar PV installation experience, from small shops to huge facilities like factories.


Which Solar Brands Do They Offer?

Solar brands play an essential role in the long-lasting working of commercial solar PV systems. Australia’s top and best commercial solar system providers use high-quality solar equipment from reputable brands, backed by excellent warranty periods and comprehensive customer support. On contrary, some less-reputable solar installers sell and install cheap solar panels by no-name brands with less or almost no customer support. Thus, go for reputable brands and solar installers only.

Besides these factors, commercial consumers must consider solar PV systems beyond price. Initially, finances are vital considerations, but solar users should contemplate two things – ROI and savings.



Accreditations are the most crucial factor to check beforehand. In Australia, the solar industry founded CEC (Clean Energy Council) for the accreditation of solar installers, designers, and components. The list of more than 7000 approved solar installers on CEC is categorized from design-only to install-only to design and install. Also, Off-grid systems require distinct CEC accreditation. Thus, commercial solar consumers must check the list of all approved solar retailers in Victoria.

Solar accreditation from CEC is highly significant because no accreditation means no rebate!

If the components, installer, or designer are not CEC accredited, commercial consumers won’t receive the rebates from the government.



CEC Approved solar retailers effectively offer warranties covering a whole system for a minimum of five years. However, non-approved solar retailers cover two types of warranties – performance and product warranties.

Performance warranties generally last for 25 years and assure that solar modules will deliver a minimum percentage of their rated capacity, which gradually reduces as the solar panel voltaic cells degrade over time.

The product warranty covers electrical and physical problems in solar modules. Issues such as breakage of surface glass or moisture ingress either cause solar panels to underperform or fail.


Voluntary Code of Conduct

To assist solar consumers in finding the best commercial solar companies, Clean Energy Council has the voluntary Approved Solar Retailer program. It is endorsed by the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) with the aim to increase solar industry standards in Australia.

Many approved solar retailers demonstrate their dedication to their voluntary code of conduct through the following practices:

  • Steadfast sales and trustworthy marketing strategies
  • A five-year whole solar system warranty
  • Ensure a CEC-accredited designer for designing commercial or domestic solar PV systems
  • Ensure a CEC-accredited solar installer sets up commercial or domestic solar PV systems.


Ultimate Solar Energy – CEC Approved Retailer

We are Clean Energy Council-accredited solar retailers and have certified REC solar professional certifications. Along with a 4.9+ Google rating, Ultimate Solar Energy is a member of Bronze Master Electrician as well. We ensure quality and provide complete assistance in commercial rebates and incentives. We guide our clients throughout their solar journey with our up-to-date customer support services.

At Ultimate Solar Energy, we make your decision-making process so simple. We design customized solutions based on your requirements, using only the most premium products.

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