5 Best Smart Solar EV Chargers 2023

5 Best Smart Solar EV Chargers 2023



Whether you own an electric vehicle or going to buy one, you will soon need a home EV charging station. So, at this stage, it is essential to consider wise investment options. Solar EV chargers are the best choice to leverage solar power. Most contemporary EVs have built-in Level 1 chargers, that are compact and provide 120-volt output with slow charging. However, Level 2 chargers provide 240-volt output and offer fast charging. Also, Level 2 chargers offer advanced features, like an extended power cable with diverse installation options.

Without further ado, let’s explore the five best smart solar EV chargers for home charging stations!


1.      Fronius Wattpilot – An Intelligent Charging Solution

Fronius is one of the best solar inverter and battery storage brands in Australia. Wattpilot is their intelligent electric vehicle charging solution and is available in 3 models; all untethered: 11KW unit, portable 22kW unit, and 22kW unit.

All three models of Wattpilot support 3-phase or single-phase connections.  If the 11 kW model gets plugged into a single phase, it will provide a maximum charging output of 3.68 kW. The 22 kW Wattpilot model is suitable for single-phase solar consumers as it gives a charging output of 7 kW.


Wattpilot 11 Kw        

Wattpilot 22 Kw

Wattpilot 22kw Portable

Connection Type








Max. Charging Power

11KW (16 A)







Mains Connection

5-core cable

180 cm incl. Neutral connector

5-core cable

180 cm incl. Neutral connector

3-phase 5-pin plug

32 cm incl. Neutral connector





Nominal Current


1-phase or 3-phase


1-phase or 3-phase


1-phase or 3-phase


2.      Myenergi Zappi – A Smart Solar EV Charger

Myenergi is a UK-based company that offers smart EV charging solutions for homeowners. Zappi is their famous and exclusive EV charger model available in tethered and untethered versions with single-phase 7kW and three-phase 22kW configurations.



Solar Integration

Utilize surplus solar energy to charge EVs, reducing grid reliance.



Dynamic Load Balancing

Adjusts charging rate based on home energy consumption to prevent overloading.



Charging Modes

Three charging modes are available; Eco Mode (solar prioritized), Eco+ Mode (grid energy during low-cost periods), and Fast Mode (quick charge).




User-friendly LCD for real-time data and intuitive controls.



Remote Connectivity

Control, monitor, and adjust charging via a dedicated app using Myenergi Hub.



3.      Tesla

The Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector is the only Tesla-specific residential EV charger for Tesla models – Model S, Model 3, Model Y, or Model X. It is Tesla EV specific ev charger with a simple design and features.



Fast Charging

Enables quicker charging than standard outlets.



Tesla Vehicle Compatibility

Designed exclusively for Tesla vehicles.



Remote Control

Allows remote monitoring and control via the Tesla app.



Sleek Design

Aesthetic design that complements various environments.



Multiple Charger Sharing

Supports power sharing among multiple chargers or vehicles.



Energy System Integration

Integrates with Tesla’s energy products for holistic solutions.



Efficient Energy Management

Offers energy-efficient features like timed charging.



4.      Sungrow EV Chargers

Sungrow is a Chinese solar manufacturer known for consistently renovating and offering high-end products at affordable costs.



Charging Power

Offers high power output for faster EV charging.




Works with a wide range of electric vehicle models.



Smart Connectivity

Allows remote monitoring and control via a mobile app.



Energy Management

Supports features like scheduled charging and load management.



Multiple Installation Options

Can be installed both indoors and outdoors.



User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive interface for easy operation and monitoring.



Safety Features

Equipped with safety mechanisms to protect both the vehicle and charger.



Energy Efficiency

Optimizes energy usage for cost-effective charging.



5.      Growatt Thor

Growatt introduces its new mighty Thor EV solar chargers, a blend of technological advancement and innovation. Thor offers robust vehicle charging at fast rates. It comes in two models; AC EV charger and DC EV charger.


Thor AC (11/22kW version)

THOR DC EV Charger


Compatible with ALL brand EVs

Compatible with ALL brand EVs




Smart Management






System Flexibility

Easily integrated into a solar storage system

Single or Dual DC outputs




Flexible Communication

Lan, Wi-Fi, or 4G

Lan, Wi-Fi, or 4G





Touchscreen with user-friendly UI

7” touch screen for local operation



The Bottom Line

Solar products require high initial costs, so before investing in EV solar chargers, consider all key factors, such as affordability, ease of use, warranty, system technology, compatibility, etc.

It is also significant to do research about two or three selected solar brands and compare their features for a clear picture of your required solar EV chargers. Certified solar installers and professionals provide tailored consultations to solar consumers as per their requirements and preferences.


At Ultimate Solar Energy, we make your decision-making process so simple. We design customized solutions based on your requirements, using only the most premium products.


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