5 Best Smart Solar EV Chargers 2024

5 Best Smart Solar EV Chargers 2024

Whether you own an electric vehicle or going to buy one, you will soon need a home EV charging station. So, at this stage, it is essential to consider wise investment options. Solar EV chargers are the best choice to leverage solar power. Most contemporary EVs have built-in Level 1 chargers, that are compact and provide 120-volt output with slow charging. However, Level 2 chargers provide 240-volt output and offer fast charging. Also, Level 2 chargers offer advanced features, like an extended power cable with diverse installation options.

Without further ado, let’s explore the five best smart solar EV chargers for home charging stations!

1. Smappee EV Wall

Smappee is a Belgium-based cleantech company specializing in smart energy management systems for homes and businesses. Their latest product, the Smappee EV Wall, is a smart charger for electric cars. It comes in two versions: one for regular households and another for bigger setups. This charger is equipped with special meters and a hub that allows users to keep track of their energy usage, charge their electric cars using solar power, and manage their energy flow.

Overall, the Smappee EV Wall makes it easier for people to charge their electric cars efficiently and make the most of their solar power.

Basic Specifications
Power rating (32A) 7.4 kW (1-Phase) / 22 kW (3-Phase)
Size (H, W, D) 300mm x 300mm x 110mm
Compatible with Type 2 sockets
Price AU$1900 (£1200)


  • True smart EV charger   
  • Multiple smart charging options 
  • Includes CT meters for solar and consumption monitoring
  •  OCPP 1.6 compliant 
  • Smart (AI) optimized solar charging
  • User-adjustable from 6A to 32A
  • Dynamic load balancing 
  • Smart app control with real-time and historical energy data and costs
  • Start and pay via QR code, RFID, and control via smart EV schedules
  • Expandable with Smappee Infinity for full home energy management
  • Tethered with 2.5m or 8.0m cables, or untethered options available
  • 2-years warranty (Extendable to 5 years) 


  • Expensive


Myenergi is a UK-based company that offers smart EV charging solutions for homeowners. Zappi is their famous and exclusive EV charger model available in tethered and untethered versions with single-phase 7kW and three-phase 22kW configurations.

Basic Specifications
Power rating (30A) 7.0 kW (1-Phase) / 22 kW (3-Phase)
Size (H, W, D) 439mm x 282mm x 122mm
Compatible with Type 2 sockets, Type 1 adapter required
Price AU$1395 (US$1000)


  • Genuine intelligent charger featuring three charging modes (Fast, Eco, and Eco+)
  • Includes an external 100A CT sensor for monitoring consumption
  • Optionally offers wireless CT readings via Harvi
  • Offers two solar self-use charging modes (Eco and Eco+)
  • Allows user adjustment from 6A to 30A
  • Equipped with a graphic LCD display
  • Includes a Boost option for rapid charging at the maximum charge rate (32A)
  • Utilizes dynamic load balancing
  • Available in tethered (6.5m cable) and untethered options (removable cable)
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Remote access via an app is available as an optional extra through the Myenergyi HUB.
  • CTs can be added optionally.
  • The system is not OCPP compliant.

3. Wallbox Pulsar Max

The Wallbox Pulsar Max can now balance loads and use solar power intelligently. This happens with the help of an extra device called the EMS (energy management system). With the EMS, the charger can do clever things like boosting power, using eco-friendly modes, and sharing power dynamically. This means it adjusts the charging speed when there are multiple chargers connected to the same power source to prevent overloading. And when there’s little demand for electricity elsewhere, the Power Boost mode lets it charge your vehicle as fast as possible. 

Basic Specifications
Wallbox EV charger app WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled smart charger
Power rating 7.4 kW (1P) / 11 kW (3P) / 22 kW (3P)
Compact size (H, W, D) 166mm x 163mm x 82mm
Price AU$1500 (US$650)


  • Charging can be scheduled at preferred times.
  • Users can adjust the charging current from 6A to 32A (40A for the US version).
  • Compliant with OCPP 1.6 standards.
  • Dynamic load-balancing feature is available (with optional EMS).
  • Includes Power Boost and Smart-ECO modes.
  • The charger can be locked and unlocked via the App for enhanced security.
  • Comes with a 5m charging cable with an option for a 7m cable (25 ft for the US version).
  • Access to myWallbox portal for multiple users and charging history.
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • Firmware updates are easy to perform.


  • An extra energy monitoring meter is required to enable solar-optimized charging.

4. EO Mini PRO 3

The EO Mini Pro 2 provides three charging options: off-peak charging, solar charging, and scheduled charging, which you can customize to fit your needs. However, solar-only charging requires an energy meter (CT), and load balancing is available as an optional extra.

Basic Specifications
Power rating (32A) 7.2 kW (1-Phase), 22 kW (3-Phase)
Size (H, W, D) 215mm x 140mm x 100mm
Price AU$1190 (US$860)
Compatible with Type 2 sockets, Type 1 adapter required


  • Genuine smart charger offering 3 charging options (Optional CT available)
  • Supports solar-only charging (requires external CT)
  • Compliant with OCPP 1.6 standards
  • Includes off-peak charging setting
  • Allows scheduling of charging times
  • Adjustable charging current from 6A to 32A
  • RFID functionality available as an optional extra
  • Integral PEN protection eliminates the need for an earth rod or RCBO/consumer unit (7.2kW version only)
  • Dynamic load balancing feature available (with optional CT)
  • Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Cat 5 Ethernet, and Bluetooth (4G available as an optional extra)
  • Offers both tethered and untethered options (removable cable)
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • The external CT meter for smart modes is available as an optional add-on.


The Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector is the only Tesla-specific residential EV charger for Tesla models – Model S, Model 3, Model Y, or Model X. It is Tesla EV specific ev charger with a simple design and features.

Basic Specifications
Power rating 7.4 kW (1-Phase) / 16 kW (3-Phase)
Size (H, W, D) 345mm x 155mm x 110mm
Compatible with All Electric Vehicles, Type 1 & 2 adapters required
Price AU$750, US$550


  • Affordable WiFi-enabled electric vehicle charger
  • The power Sharing feature allows load-balancing with up to 3 Wall Connectors
  • User-adjustable charging current from 6A to 32A (compatible with Tesla vehicles only)
  • Capable of functioning as a smart charger when paired with a Tesla EV and Charge HQ
  • Supports scheduled charging times
  • Comes with a tethered design featuring an extra-long 7.3m cable
  • Automatically resumes charging after a blackout
  • Includes a 4-year warranty


  • Solar charging capabilities are currently unavailable.
  • Smart functionalities (when released) may only be accessible when integrated with a Tesla Powerwall battery system or a Tesla vehicle.


Solar products require high initial costs, so before investing in EV solar chargers, consider all key factors, such as affordability, ease of use, warranty, system technology, compatibility, etc.

It is also significant to do research about two or three selected solar brands and compare their features for a clear picture of your required solar EV chargers. Certified solar installers and professionals provide tailored consultations to solar consumers as per their requirements and preferences.

At Ultimate Solar Energy, we make your decision-making process so simple. We design customized solutions based on your requirements, using only the most premium products.

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