4 Reasons For Installing Solar Now in 2020!

Advantages of Using Solar Panels in Australia 2020:

These days there are state-wide restrictions imposed all around the world to combat the novel Corona virus, Australia is no exception.

We have discussed the advantages you get with solar panels and some tips for installation and getting the most benefits out of it.

At first priority we do care about our customer’s safety, if you have already installed solar panels according to the state and federal directives, we have compiled some information to help you out with this.

1: Rising Home energy bills:

The outbreak of novel Coronavirus has left everyone worried and helpless due to the non availability of vaccination. It means more and more people are self isolating themselves and are going to stay home for weeks or even months. This means their energy bills are more likely to rise as there were news that online gaming was observed to have been all time high in the previous few weeks, this is kind of directly going to increase your energy bills. Therefore it is mandatory to install solar panels in Melbourne or other parts of Australia as soon as possible if you want to tackle with the unwanted situation.

2: Solar could help customers about long-term finances:

The earlier you go for Renewable energy the more likely you are going to help yourself with low energy bills and vice versa. The Government is also helping people with their rebates and interest free loans so why not take advantage now than its too late.

3: Installs are on the roof, not in the home

Social distancing is the responsibility of every Australian these days and luckily with Solar installation you don’t need to go out of home. Just call us at Ultimate Solar Energy and one of our dedicated team members will soon contact you, so worries the team will install solar on your rooftop while keeping the social distancing rules in place.


  1. Locking solar in before a potential lockdown

If a lockdown takes place in Australia then nobody is going to take benefit of the solar even if they want to go for one, That’s why it is important to make a decision now and to get it done immediately. As many of workers are working from home currently therefore it’s more convenient for them going solar now then when there is a lockdown or their offices gets opened.

So how can you leverage these benefits?

  1. Reach out to Ultimate Solar Energy to get your new installations done or upgrade your existing system. This could be in the form of a mass email, SMS or call outs.
  2. Inform other customers also who are in need of these benefits, plus any additional incentives such as state rebate
  3. Ensure you clearly communicate your turnaround times and business continuity plan for COVID-19 (inspo for this hereand here)

The information provided in this article is general in nature.
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