Commercial solar panels in Melbourne 2020

Solar power is one of the most beneficial and attractive money-saving options for Victoria residents. This article provides details about commercial solar power in Melbourne to give you an idea of how you can utilize those benefits.

The benefits of commercial solar power in Victoria
solar power is a great way of generating electricity and results in reducing the energy bills of Victoria residents. The main reason why people in Victoria opt for commercial solar power is that it is affordable and with large companies having large amounts of space on their rooftops it is convenient for them to install solar panels. That is the reason companies and businesses are more interested in solar than ever.

Low solar prices
Solar power has been more affordable than ever in Australia now, thanks to to the government subsidies and solar Victoria rebate program which is available throughout Victoria. Solar systems above 100-kilowatt incapacity will get an incentive in the form of large scale technology certificates ongoing until 2030, solar systems list in a hundred KW in capacity will get the small scale technology certificates.

Low maintenance investment
As you you know that solar panels require little maintenance with the highest lifespan that is somewhere between 25 to 30 years. Therefore that does not cost you too much after you have installed them the panels itself generally comes with the warranty of up to 30 years while the inverters are replaced as a matter, of course, every 5 to 10 years which is quite remarkable.

Tax benefits for business with solar
Those who have installed solar panel systems may be able to climb GST credit and depreciation on solar energy.

Popular commercial solar system sizes
There is a variety of sizes available with commercial solar power systems including 10 KW, 30kw, 50 KW upto 100 KW systems.
Ultimate solar energy provides all those systems to its customers you just have to get a quote to opt for one and benefit of The spectacular services provided by ultimate solar energy

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How much energy will a solar system in Melbourne produce
It is estimated that roughly 3.5-kilowatt hours of energy is produced per kilowatt per day throughout the year with more energy produced in summer than in winter.
It means that a 10-kilowatt system will generate around 35 kWh per day, while a 100-kilowatt solar system will produce around 350-kilowatt hour of energy per day.
However, these stats may differ considering the location, angles, and quality of solar panels.

Commercial Solar Prices: Image Credit

Commercial solar system price in Melbourne and Victoria
Ultimate solar energy keeps a close eye on the solar system prices around Australia noting around 40% decline in the cost in the last 5 years.
Below shows the graph prices declining over the years give you an idea that now is the best time to go solar panels in melbourne.

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