Fronius vs Growatt 2023

Fronius vs Growatt 2023


Solar inverters are integral for every solar PV system as they offer a consistent and clean power supply. Owing to their significance, solar inverters are more in demand, and the market offers multiple options, ranging from products from emerging enterprises to well-established manufacturers. Therefore, it is essential to comprehend user preferences before investing in inverters.



Fronius is an Austrian company well known for its premium solar products. In Australia, Fronius inverters gained recognition due to their exceptional performance, such as intelligent energy flow control, a higher rate of self-consumption, and the ability to restrict energy export to the grid.



·         Fronius inverters offer an extended range of power categories, allowing them to connect with different solar PV systems ranging from 3.8 KW to 24 KW.

·         They offer a 5-year standard warranty, with an extended optional warranty for parts. And the additional system warranty is required to be purchased separately.

·         Fronius inverters have heavy build quality making them durable in the longer run.

·         Assures maximum usage of solar power.

·         A built-in cooling system that prevents the system from overheating. 

·         Efficient solar power load handling and controlling.

·         High efficiency of approx. 97.8%.

·         Ease of installation.

·         Live monitoring system.

·         Provide exceptional power savings.

·         Multi-Power Point Tracking (MPPT) guarantees that maximum power gets generated from the solar PV systems. 



·         Fronius inverters use cooling fan technology to extend their lifespan. When temperatures go up, these fans become louder. So, some users might find Fronius inverters noisy. 

·         Fronius inverter is a premium product and comes with a high cost. So, solar users on a budget might find them expensive.



Growatt is a Chinese solar manufacturing company that offers various commercial, residential, and utility solar inverters. It is a budget-friendly brand with innovative features.


·         These inverters are easy to install and user-friendly.

·         Growatt inverters are among the best economical options for budget buyers.

·         Highly efficient inverters with a power conversion rate of 95%-98% into usable electricity.

·         All of their solar products are CEC (Clean Energy Council) approved.

·         They use an efficient heat cooling mechanism that is less noisy as compared to other solar inverters.

·         Growatt offers a standard 5-year warranty.



·         Growatt Inverters might lack some advanced features available in other high-end brands.

·         A less intuitive user interface might make it challenging for homeowners to manage and monitor their solar PV system effectively.






Build Quality

Known for high build quality and durability.

Some concerns were reported about build quality.





Generally offers high-efficiency levels.

Offers competitive efficiency ratings.




Product Range

Offers a range of inverter models catering to various needs.

Diverse product range to suit different systems.




Price Range

Tends to be higher priced, reflecting premium quality.

Generally more affordable, and suitable for budget buyers.




Monitoring Solutions

Advanced monitoring and smart features are available.

Provides remote monitoring and tracking options.




Battery Compatibility

Some models support battery integration.

Supports battery integration for energy storage.




MPPT Inputs

Usually equipped with multiple MPPT inputs.

Many models feature multiple MPPT inputs.




Global Presence

Well-established globally with a strong reputation.

Presence in various regions, expanding reach.




Customer Support

Generally positive reputation for customer service.

Mixed reviews regarding customer support.





Continuously introduces new technologies and features.

Innovates to improve overall system performance.





Relatively straightforward installation process.

User-friendly installation, easy setup.




Aesthetic Design

Sleek and modern design in line with industry trends.

The design might be simpler and functionality-focused.





Some models allow for system expansion and upgrades.

Expandable options to meet changing needs.




Noise Levels

Generally less noisy but when the system heats up it produces louder noise due to fan cooling methods.

Less noise due to efficient cooling methods, and noise can be an occasional concern.




Overall Reputation

Highly regarded for quality and performance.

Offers a cost-effective option with variability.






Who Wins: Fronius or Growatt?

Ultimately, the “best” solar inverter choice relies on solar consumer priorities. If a well-established brand with a reputation for quality is a user preference, they will not mind paying a premium price for it. For such users, Fronius might be the most suitable option. And if the solar consumer is on budget and wants affordability with innovation, Growatt could be a feasible option.


The Bottom Line

With the huge variety of solar products available, it is wise to comprehend the following aspects before investing in any solar inverter or product.

·         Evaluate Your Needs: Assess solar system size, budget, and long-term goals.

·         Research About Models: Look into specific models from both brands, considering their compatibility, features, and efficiency.

·         Read Reviews: Read user reviews and expert opinions on specific models. 

·         Consult with Experts: Solar professionals are the best advisors that offer insights into specific scenarios and suitable solar products.


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