How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Solar Panels?

So, you’ve switched to solar energy or are thinking about it – great choice! We have some simple cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your investment in top shape and make the most of it. When it comes to scouring, solar panels are one of the low-upkeep technologies and don’t take much time.

The best part of these eco-friendly photovoltaic panels is that besides some occasional care, these need no care! So, let’s explore everything solar users must know about their cleaning to keep solar PV systems working their best.

Weekly Debris Check

For ground-mounted solar panels, spotting debris is quite easy. However, cleaning solar panels on your roof requires some effort. Sometimes wind clears away debris, but it’s safer to be proactive.

A quick, weekly check-up enables you to clear any build-up before it becomes problematic. The best way to clean solar panels on your roof is to gently move materials away from the panel’s surface instead of brushing them off roughly to avoid unintentional scratches.

Don’t Wait for Rain!

Even though rain helps clean your solar panels, it might not be sufficient on its own. After a storm, your panels may seem clean, but there’s often unseen residue left behind by rainwater. Rainwater contains a bit of dirt and other particles, forming a thin film on your panels.

While a slight film might not seem like a problem, letting it accumulate can significantly decrease your panels’ efficiency over time. Regular cleaning is key to keeping them working well.

Wash Your Solar Panels Yearly

In addition to regular debris removal, consulting professional solar installers will increase your solar panel’s efficiency. Solar experts suggest a thorough cleaning at least once a year. This annual cleanup can boost energy output by up to 12% compared to relying solely on rainfall. If you can manage it twice a year, that’s even better!

Several products and cleaning solutions are available for solar panels, including specialized cleaning robots. However, many find that a mild soap and a soft, glass-friendly cloth work just as well.

For optimal results, clean your panels in the early morning or evening to avoid the intense heat of the sun, especially during summer. Safety is crucial, especially for roof-mounted panels. If you’re dealing with hard-to-reach spots, consider attaching your cleaning cloth to an extendable brush to reduce the risk of falls.

Debris Makes Your Solar Panels Lose Efficiency

Keeping your solar panel system in top shape is essential. Dust and particles can cause a yearly decrease in solar output, ranging from 1.5% to 6%. In areas with more dust or pollution, this reduction can be even higher, varying from 2% to a whopping 50% on regular solar panels.

The culprits in the pollution that mess with the solar energy production process. All kinds of pollution bring in dust that creates a shade over photovoltaic cells and ultimately slows down the conversion of sunlight into power.

When Should Consult Professional Solar Cleaning Experts?

If there’s only a slight dust buildup on your solar panels, using a garden hose might suffice. However, when your solar panels are significantly soiled, or if you’re uneasy about cleaning them yourself, it’s advisable to seek help from a professional solar panel cleaner.

Cleaning experts are equipped to handle challenging issues and eliminate the risks associated with climbing onto your roof. Collaborating with professionals ensures the highest cleaning standards for your solar panels.

Locations That Regular Solar Panel Cleaning

Coastal areas: Coastal regions are susceptible to marine layer residue buildup, leading to a stubborn film on solar panels. This residue is challenging to remove and can notably diminish solar panel efficiency.

Cities and towns: Urban areas often face exposure to airborne pollutants like dust, dirt, and soot. These pollutants can accumulate on solar panels, diminishing their effectiveness.

Areas near highways or construction sites: Proximity to highways or construction zones exposes solar panels to elevated levels of airborne debris from vehicles and machinery, leading to rapid accumulation and reduced performance.

Areas with frequent dust storms: Regions experiencing regular dust storms may witness a substantial layer of dust settling on solar panels, significantly impacting their efficiency.

Areas with low rainfall: Regions with limited rainfall lack natural cleaning, making it necessary for solar panels in these areas to undergo more frequent cleaning to sustain efficiency.

Maintain Your Solar panels with Ultimate Solar Energy

Solar panels work on photovoltaic cells which is a low-maintenance technology that empowers solar users to be power-independent and produce clean and consistent energy. Also, solar panels come with extended warranties that pledge to excellent durability. So, do periodic cleaning checkups and consult professional installers to avoid any inconvenience.

At Ultimate Solar Energy, we make your decision-making process so simple. We design customized solutions based on your requirements, using only the most premium products.

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