How to protect solar panels from hail

Generally solar panels are designed and engineered to be extremely tough and more often they are stronger than the roof they are installed on.however, that’s not the case always as some Australians have experienced otherwise during the period when hail storms ripped through the east coast of the region.

Canberra and Melbourne were lashed with golf-ball sized hunks of hail in two different storms that struck within 24 hours, Queensland has also experienced a great damage of cars and homes due to a wide-spread hail storms and even pierced through roofs and has caused devastation.

Those storms have also damaged solar panels in the country with different intensity across different regions that means these panels must be replaced.

That can be an expensive exercise so it is important to put the right measures in place to try and protect your solar panels in the first place in order to stop them from being damaged by hail and other storm elements such as falling branches and other debris.

What are the Australian standards for solar panels?

Solar panels are made from tough tempered glass capable of resisting hail however, they need to be tested in different conditions mostly according to the weather conditions and more testing is required under Australian standards to withstand a direct strike from hailstones with a diameter of 35mm – which is about half the size of a golf ball. But in extreme hailstorms it is not possible to completely protect your panels therefore you need to be mindful of.

Are broken solar panels dangerous?

Yes. They are prone to be still generating current and which is why you need not to touch them, your inverter will indicate the problem with your panels and you will need to call a licensed professional to inspect and repair the panels and remove any debris.

Now you must be thinking that which solar panels are the best when it comes to withstanding hail?

If you choose a panel which is according to Australian standards then you probably are getting the right protection during storms. Because most panels are certified and tested to withstand mid-sized hailstones travelling at 80km/h as long as they are purchased from a reputable provider and you are purchasing a known and reliable brand.

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How can I protect my solar panels from hail?

You can purchase solar panel protective covers, but keep in mind that they can limit the electricity production from the sun. That means you need to only put them on if there is a threat of major storms, so you will need the right early invention alerts as well.

How to protect solar panels from hail

You need to be aware of the weather too, There are a number of weather apps you can download for your phone that will alert you to severe storms in your area so that you can act and add these covers to your solar panels.

Always ensure you have comprehensive insurance coverage so that you will not have to shoulder the full cost of replacing your panels if a severe storm does strike.