Renewable energy fulfilled half of the country’s electricity needs on Easter Saturday

This Easter Saturday almost half of the country’s electricity was supplied by Renewable energy
Australia’s electricity grid did a serious workout last Saturday as the country was celebrating easter.

Data from the National Energy Market (NEM) showed that 50.7 percent of power supply in Queensland, victoria, Tasmania and new south wales came from solar panels.

The more interesting fact is that almost 22% of the power was provided by rooftop solar panels, followed by wind(17%). large-scale solar contributed around 9.4% while hydro helped with 2.2%..

This isn’t the first time it’s happened, according to Dylan McConnell, a researcher at University of Melbourne’s Climate and Energy College.

“The fact that it’s happened once earlier in the last months of 2019, now again would appear to show a higher proportion of renewables is a trend. Easter weekend is also historically a low demand period,” he told Radio Program, Hack.

According to figures from the latest Clean Energy Australia Report, renewable energy supplied 24% of the nation’s electricity needs in 2019. and isn’t just taking care of business during the Easter long weekend.

The data also revealed that around 2.2 million homes installed solar panels in Australia by the end of December 2019, with every state and territory recording an increase in installations between 2017/18 and 2018/19.

“This trend is continuously rising and over the next decade we’re going to see more and more coal-fired power stations close and ultimately we need more and more renewables to replace them,” said, chief executive of the Renewable Energy Industry’s Clean Energy Council, Kane Thornton.

Of course, solar panels aren’t for everyone. Whether your home is suitable or not for solar panels will depend on the location of your home, the size of your roof and the amount of sunlight your roof gets.

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