Risen Solar Panels Review 2024

Risen Solar Panels Review 2024

[Updated 2024]


Risen has been providing solar panels to the Australian market since 2008 and has established a local office and team in Mt Waverley, Victoria. The company has successfully created distribution channels in Australia, recently finalizing a 150MW distribution agreement with One Stop Warehouse. This agreement grants exclusive rights to One Stop Warehouse for the distribution of Risen’s 330W Jager Solar Panels in the region.

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Key Specifications


  • Tier 1 solar panels
  • Third largest solar manufacturer in the world
  • Extensive warranties
  • Office in Victoria, Australia
  • 3% efficiency
  • Economical
  • Competitive specifications


Why Risen’s Office In Australia Is Significant?


Numerous solar panel manufacturers, upon entering the Australian market, prioritize establishing distribution channels over addressing customer service concerns. Consequently, various customers have expressed dissatisfaction, encountering difficulties when contacting Chinese head offices to assert their 10-year product warranty.

Depending solely on a solar installer is not always a viable solution, given instances where various residential solar installers, including major ones, have gone out of business well before the systems they installed reach the end of their intended lifespan. Risen Solar Technology presently maintains offices in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Risen Energy Solar Panels Range Review

As a company, Risen has accentuated a focus on volume. While their objective is not centered on marketing premium panels with cutting-edge technology, they have gained recognition for manufacturing reliable panels to cost.

Prices may vary, but generally, their panels are suitable for individuals seeking to design a relatively budget-friendly system.

Risen offers three primary ranges of panels:

  • N-Type Topcon Series
  • HJT Hyper-ION Series 
  • Titan Series

We will explore each with an overview of what Risen solar panels bring to the table.


Risen N-Type Topcon Serie

The Risen N-Type Topcon Series is a top-quality solar panel that uses advanced technology to generate a lot of power efficiently. The specific model, RSM 108-9-415N-440N, has 108 cells and can produce between 415 to 440 watts of power, with a top efficiency of 22.5%.

It works well in hot and cold temperatures, from -40°C to +85°C, so it’s suitable for different weather conditions. The good thing is that it can handle a maximum system voltage of 1500 VDC, which means it’s dependable and efficient for any solar energy setup.




Module Type 108 cell n-type
Power Output Range 415-440 Wp
Maximum Efficiency 22.50%
Operation Temperature -40C to +85 C
Maximum System Voltage 1500 VDC


The Risen HJT Hyper-ION Series

It is a modern solar panel that combines heterojunction technology (HJT) with bifacial module design. With 132 cells, it can produce between 675 to 700 watts of power, with a maximum efficiency of 22.5%, making it one of the most efficient solar panels available.

It can function effectively in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C and has a maximum system voltage of 1500 VDC. Designed for both residential and commercial use, the HJT Hyper-ION Series offers high energy yields and long-term reliability.




Module Type 132 cell HJT Bifacial Module
Power Output Range 675-700 Wp
Maximum Efficiency 22.50%
Operation Temperature -40C to +85 C
Maximum System Voltage 1500 VDC


Risen Titan Series

The Titan series stands as Risen’s primary collection of residential panels in the Australian market, offering a variety of models.

Risen asserts a production efficiency reaching up to 21% on a newly installed panel, emphasizing commendable performance even in low-light conditions, such as when the panels are shaded.

The product warranty duration varies based on the model, ranging from 12 to 15 years, complemented by a 25-year performance warranty, showcasing a respectable commitment to quality and longevity.




Range Name Titan Series
Power Rating 485 – 550W
Product Warranty 12 to 15 years
Efficiency Up to 21.0%
Type Monocrystalline
Performance Warranty 25 years
Price Range Budget



As per our data, we have outlined the below-average costs as a rough guide. This outlay includes:

  • A complete turnkey solar system featuring Risen Solar Panels
  • Installation by professional solar installers
  • The inclusion of the STC rebate and GST


System Size Average Full Installation Cost
10kW $9,412.50
8kW $7,385.83
6kW $4,608.80


Note: Prices are subject to variation based on factors, such as location, inverter brand, and the solar installer.



Pros: [h4]

  • Established company with a history dating back to 1986.
  • Recognized as tier 1 solar panels.
  • Presence of local offices in Brisbane and Melbourne.
  • Budget-friendly

Cons: [h4]

  • Lack of premium options; panels primarily cater to the mid-range cost-effective mass market.



If you are in the market for a reliable and proven mid-range solar panel, the available evidence indicates that Risen is a reputable brand worth considering. Specifically, we recommend exploring the following three solar panel models, which offer enhanced efficiency and come with a substantial 25-year product warranty:


  • RSM130-8-430M-450M
  • RSM40-8-385MB-405MB
  • RSM40-8-390M-415M


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