Solar Panels and Home Value: How Renewable Energy Improves Property Resale

We are living in an era of extreme climatic changes, and the adoption of sustainable power alternatives is inevitable. Solar PV systems are one of the best renewable solutions to reduce carbon footprint with an eco-friendly approach.

Solar panels not only diminish the impact of the worst climate but also reduce monthly conventional power bills. Besides excellent ROIs, these panels give another outstanding benefit: increased resale property value. However, multiple other factors, such as the location, area, and property architecture, also affect the value.

Solar Panels and Home Value

As per research on real estate property value, when annual energy expenses drop by $1, the property’s worth appreciates by $20. Therefore, if the installed solar system provides $400 yearly savings, the place value will increase by $8,000.

Easy Reselling

Properties with solar PV system attracts a larger pool of potential buyers and expedite the selling process. Potentially residential solar consumers can sell their property up to 20% faster than similar properties lacking solar energy. This emphasizes yet another facet of the value that solar power can bring to your residence.

Investment Value

Investment value is the actual monetary estimation solar PV systems add to the sale price of properties. According to the Australian Real Estate Survey, more than 85% of respondents agreed that solar batteries and solar panels raise the value of their homes. Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular among Australians and stands out among the others.

Value of Consumption

The environmental benefits of using a renewable energy source are called consumption value. Several factors determine the value a solar panel system can add to your home. Some of the most notable include:

  • Property Location

Solar PV system installations in locations where solar panels are high in demand can provide a higher ROI than installations in less developed markets.

  • Size of Solar PV Systems and Number of Solar Panels

The number and quality of solar panels and the size of installed solar PV systems directly link with the property value. The more number of solar panels with excellent quality – the higher the value of your home.


How Much Solar Boosts Value of Property?

While there is an initial expense associated with the purchase of solar panels, the advantages are extensive, making it a genuine investment opportunity. A recent study conducted by Domain has revealed that homes with energy-efficient features garner heightened interest from potential buyers, tend to sell more swiftly, and command higher sale prices. In 2022, the premium paid for a typical energy-efficient home, in comparison to non-efficient counterparts, amounted to $125,000, constituting a 17.1% increase. Furthermore, for energy-efficient residences, the premium was $72,750, representing a 12.7% boost in value.


Why Solar Panels Raise Property Value?

Several reasons why solar panels increase property value, a few are:

  • Energy Savings

Solar panels utilize sunlight to produce electricity, reducing users’ reliance on grid energy. This results in lower monthly utility bills, which can be an attractive feature for potential buyers. The prospect of reduced energy costs can make a property more appealing and increase its perceived value.

  • Eco-friendly

Solar panels reduce a property’s carbon footprint by generating clean, renewable energy. Many environmentally-conscious buyers are willing to pay a premium for homes with solar panels as they align with their values and eventually increase property reselling value.

  • Power Independence

Solar panels provide greater power independence to their users. Buyers are attracted to solar power homes because they offer greater resilience during power outages, reducing the reliance on the grid. This aspect of self-sufficiency can make a property more valuable.

  • Solar Incentives

Various solar incentives, like solar tax credits and rebates, are available to homeowners who install solar panels. These incentives can offset the initial cost of installation, making solar panels more appealing to potential buyers. Homes with solar panels already in place can benefit from these incentives, which can increase their market value.

  • Improve Marketability

Solar panels are considered a valuable home improvement. Listings that mention solar panels often receive more attention from potential buyers. This increased marketability can lead to quicker sales and higher property values.

  • Improved Appraisal Value

Some appraisers take solar panel systems into account when assessing a property’s value. This can result in a higher appraised value for homes with solar panels, which can influence the final sale price.


Final Thoughts

It’s essential to note that the impact of solar panels on property value can vary based on location, market conditions, and the quality of the solar installation. While solar panels generally increase property value, the exact amount can vary, so homeowners should consider local factors and consult with real estate professionals for more precise assessments in specific localities.

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