Australian Government Solar Rebate

A Brief Overview/History

In August 2018 Daniel Andrews government announced another Solar Home Program which was intended to provide solar panels to all eligible households in victoria.

Albeit a few circles thought that it was only meant to bring them political benefits. However, it turned out to be an energizing news for the Victorians as it helped them install more and more solar panels. Under the $1.24 billion program, Victorians can install a solar panel system for a discounted price and they can repay the remaining amount in a period of four years with an intrigue free credit. The initial plan with Australian Government Solar Rebate was intended to make more than 5,000 new job opportunities and help families manage the massive expense of power and also cut carbon emissions by very nearly 4,000,000 tons – which is equal to removing about one million of Victoria’s 4.6 million vehicles off the street – and makeup around 12.5 percent of Victoria’s 40 percent focus for sustainable power source with government solar rebate victoria by 2025.

Obviously, it was also important to get political influence from this project but it was additionally intended to have an edge over the Liberal Party while they were grinding away as clarified by Minister for Energy – Lily D’Ambrosio.

“Since the time Jeff Kennett and the Liberals have privatized our vitality showcase and many people have become jobless since organizations have been ripping off clients and pulling off it.

Just Labor will give power back to Victorians with photovoltaics on 650,000 homes”

Who is Eligible for Solar Victoria Rebate Program?

As per the Solar Victoria Website, Victorian families are qualified to get a rebate for introducing Solar Photovoltaics if they meet the required standards:

They are the homeowners of the property and they have a net income of less than $180,000 every year (in light of a year ago’s Australian Tax Office Notice of Assessment) and the property is worth under $3 million and they haven’t yet installed a solar panel after 2009,

How government solar incentives Works

The estimation of this Victorian rebate is $1850 along with an interest-free loan of equal amount.

The number of rebate releases do change each month you must visit solar victoria website for latest information.

PV Rebates designation 2019/20

How to Apply For Solar Rebate

Step 1: Inform yourself
You should be sure that you understand the process and eligibility criteria Before you sign a contract for the installation of solar panels as it is one of the most important tasks.

Once you have done your research and identified the authorized solar retailer you want to use you can get a quote , the approved solar retailer list is present on solar victoria website .

Step 2: Get a written quote from an authorised solar retailer
Your authorized solar retailer will need to provide you with a written quote containing all the essential information you need to make a decision.

They will have to upload your data included in the quote into the Solar Victoria Portal (the Portal) which will start the process for you.

You will receive a confirmation email from the Portal informing you that your quote has been uploaded.

Solar Victoria does not recommend paying an amount or signing a quote acceptance before receiving your rebate eligibility confirmation. As a minimum you should confirm with your retailer that any deposit is fully refundable.

Step 3: Get your eligibility number and QR code
To start your application for eligibility, you can access your quote via the notification email from the Portal.

Once you have accessed the Portal you can choose the uploaded quote by your retailer on it in order to start to assess your eligibility.

Once you are confirmed as eligible, Solar Victoria will provide you a unique eligibility number and QR code that must be scanned by your installer in order to proceed with your installation.

Remember this is a very important step without the eligibility number and QR code, the installation cannot proceed.

There is no maximum/minimum size for solar PV systems eligible for the solar system rebate.  The maximum value of the rebate is $1,850.  You should speak to your authorised solar retailer to ensure the size of your system meets any other restrictions that may be in place.

Documentation required to prove eligibility for solar power rebate victoria
You will need to provide proof of identity, income, and property ownership when you apply via the Solar Victoria Portal, so be sure that you have your paperwork handy when you’re ready to apply.

Proof of identity
You will need to enter the details from any 2 forms of ID. These can be a:

Driver’s licence
Medicare card
Australian passport
Australian birth certificate
Foreign passport. This should be a foreign passport with a valid Australian Visa.
You’ll need to make sure the names on both documents are the same.

Proof of property ownership
We require evidence of property ownership. This is provided via your local council rates notice.

Proof of income
We require proof of income documentation for each person named as an owner on your local council rates notice.

For instance, if there is more than one owner of the property, we require proof of income for all listed owners. If there is more than one listed owner, you will need to provide proof of income documents for each person from the same financial year.

Depending on your financial situation, proof of income documents may include:

Australian Tax Office Notice of Assessment (NOA) confirming annual taxable income

Centrelink Payment Summary showing dates, reference number and confirming pension income for the financial year,
Centrelink PAYG Payment Summary
Completed and signed Statutory Declaration if you are a self-funded retiree (i.e. don’t receive any payments from Centrelink). Please complete a Statutory Declaration and include your total income including any Superannuation for the financial year
If you didn’t receive a taxable income, we still need you to complete a signed Statutory Declaration that states your income amount (e.g. $0) for the financial year.

Apply now for The Government Solar Power Incentives

Once your application is completed, you will receive an email confirming your eligibility. Hold on to this as you will need to show it to your installer when your system is installed.

Step 4: Arrange your installation
Contact your retailer to confirm that you’re proceeding with their quote and to book the installation with them. On the day of installation, your installer is required to scan the QR code contained in your eligibility confirmation email.

Once installation is complete, pay the retailer the amount you owe them. This is the total amount minus any deductions, including the rebate and the loan (if applicable). We’ll pay the remainder.

Following your installation, you will receive an email from Solar Victoria confirming the start date for repayments on your interest-free loan (if applicable).