Sungrow Solar Batteries Review 2023

Sungrow is a Chinese solar company renowned for its expertise in renewable energy solutions and stands out in the Australian solar market. Sungrow batteries have impressive designs that comply mostly with multiple solar panel brands and store excess solar power.

Their solar battery capacities range from 4.8 kWh to large-scale utility solutions, highlighting their commitment to high-end products. Sungrow is a widespread brand in Australia for good reasons. So, here is an in-depth Sungrow solar battery review to assist new solar users in making their investment decisions easy.


Is the Sungrow Solar Battery a Good Fit for Australian Weather?

  • Every Sungrow solar battery undergoes comprehensive testing in both lab and field settings to ensure it can handle harsh weather conditions.
  • The inclusion of an active cooling system makes these batteries well-suited for the hot Australian summers.
  • The consistent performance of Sungrow solar batteries in the Australian market over the years suggests their suitability for the country’s weather conditions.


Sungrow Battery: Key Features

Simple Installation

  • The compact and lightweight design allows for single-person installation.
  • The plug-and-play feature enables a wiring-free connection between modules.


  • Extendable throughout its lifetime.
  • Supports 3–8 modules per unit, with a maximum of 4 units in parallel, covering a capacity range of 9–100 kWh.


  • Utilizes lithium iron phosphate battery technology.
  • Incorporates a multi-stage protection design, along with authorized certification.

High Performance

  • Achieves up to 30A continuous charging and discharging current with high efficiency.
  • Provides access to up to 100% usable energy.



Benefits of Sungrow Solar Battery

Numerous reviews from Australian solar consumers highlight the notable benefits of choosing a Sungrow solar battery:

Safety and Reliability

  • Utilizes a DC electric circuit safety management system.
  • Implements anti-arc protection and fast-breaking for enhanced safety.
  • Multi-state performance monitoring ensures fault-free battery operation.

Smart and User-Friendly

  • Features an integrated local control system for simplified user interaction.
  • Instant alarm activation in case of circuit faults, is facilitated by the intelligent monitoring and fault recording system.

Seamless Integration

  • Built-in DC-coupled energy storage system for effortless integration.
  • Easy and convenient integration with a PV inverter, thanks to advanced technology, leading to improved efficiency, performance, and cost-effectiveness.


Popular Sungrow Solar Batteries


Sungrow SBP4K8 – Top Small Residential Storage Battery



  • Popularly known as PowCube 4.8.
  • Composed of high-performance Lithium NMC prismatic cells.
  • Boasts a total energy capacity of 4.8 kWh.
  • Lithium-ion battery type with a 10-year warranty.
  • Capable of supplying backup power during interruptions or outages.
  • Demonstrates highly reliable and robust real-world performance.


  • Ensure high reliability and safety through the use of prismatic cells from Samsung.
  • A robust Battery Management System (BMS) offers multi-protection at both the cell and system levels.
  • Achieves over 95% depth of discharge to maximize usable capacity.
  • Allows remote monitoring of battery status through an App and web portal.
  • Incorporates smart hibernation technology to preserve battery health.
  • Suitable for both free-standing and wall-mountable installations.
  • Facilitates a straightforward setup for multiple batteries.
  • Enables one-click online firmware updates.


Sungrow SBR HV 9.6


  • Incorporates a battery management system for seamless operation.
  • Allows for a continuous charging and discharging current of 30 A.
  • Expandable over the entire service life, supporting an increase from 3 to up to 8 modules per unit.
  • Enables connection of up to 4 units in parallel, providing a capacity range between 9-100 kWh.
  • Features a certified multi-level protection concept, including compliance with VDE 2510-50 standards.
  • Implements a plug-and-play system between individual battery modules.
  • Provides powerful emergency/backup power and off-grid functionality.
  • Backed by a 10-year product guarantee.


  • Capable of charging and discharging with a maximum current of 30A.
  • Offers seamless integration with hybrid inverters.
  • Compatibility with the Origin Loop virtual power plant is ensured.
  • Due to its lightweight and compact design, installation can be easily handled by a single person.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of investing in reasonable and reliable solar products, Sungrow solar batteries are an excellent choice. These batteries can handle charging and discharging with a strong current of 30A, making them efficient. Also, it smoothly works with hybrid inverters, expanding overall solar PV system performance.

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