Tesla Solar Roof Australia

Solar Roof decorates and complements your house’s architecture alongwith turning sunlight into electricity. An integrated powerwall battery is included with solar roof which stores the energy collected during the day and made available at night or any time that effectively turns your home into a personal utility.

What is the Tesla Solar Roof?

Tesla roof is a relatively new comer for Australia and It is one of the most cost-effective and innovative solutions of its kind (related to solar panels). The product is made of a number of active and passive tiles having renewables specially built into them. One of the most amazing fact about these tiles is that you wouldn’t know if they are solar panels or otherwise while looking at them from away.

The idea is not to cover your whole roof with these tiles, but rather choose a suitable portion from your roof to place these tiles on them for generating energy.

You would think that this might be generating less energy compared to traditional systems, the answer could be yes but we can compare them all from a more aesthetically pleasing perspective.

When are these tiles available in austalia?

Elon Musk had noted earlier on Twitter that the availability of tesla solar roof is expected to be in later 2020 as international expansion is also expected to happen later this year.

Anually there are around 20,000 new homes constructed in Australia, there is a massive opportunity for solar roofing companies. For home buyers, it’s an even more attractive option to reduce their energy bills and it makes incentives more attractive.

Around Australia in several states, discounts are already provided, however it is important to know if the Tesla Solar Roof will fall under these rebates.

What do you get with Tesla roof?

The panels on these tiles are backed by a 25-year lifetime warranty, and if they have solar in them a power warranty of 25 years is given.

Each panel is able to resist extreme weather conditions – something Australians will definitely love as they have seen a lot in the recent past including hailstones up to 1.75 inches in diameter.

They also come with a pre-eminent Class A UL 790 fire rating, For those constructing a new home should opt for this option that’s definitely worth the investment. however, those customers who have already constructed homes the logistics around replacing existing roofing can be tricky.