Where to buy the best solar panels in Australia?

Where to buy the best solar panels in Australia?

Are you looking for some best and most highly efficient solar panel options in Australia? Overwhelmed with solar suppliers’ information and still confused about your buying decision? Don’t worry! At Ultimate Solar Energywe have got your back! We understand going solar requires soaring financial investments, and some prior research is essential for profitable purchasing decisions. Hence, here is our easy-to-understand guide is for everyone who wants to learn the primary buying method and comprehend the most reliable solar panel suppliers in Australia.

How to find the best solar panel suppliers in Australia?

Finding trustworthy sellers may require research and patience. It will be a wise strategy to call around or ask for different price quotes, as costs might vary wildly among various solar brands and companies. Eventually, the outlay will cover numerous aspects, including:

  • Types of solar panels – polycrystalline, monocrystalline, or thin film
  • Required number of solar panels – it could vary as per installation space and power consumption needs
  • The reputation of solar panel suppliers – are they registered? Do they offer an additional warranty? Are they certified?
  • Type of compatible inverter for solar panels – micro-inverter or string-inverter

It is crucial to understand that the solar company you pick must be competent enough to provide all the above information, plus provide accurate details of every solar panel’s energy efficiency. Generally, certified solar panel suppliers recommend particular products based on individual power consumption requirements and space accessibility to quote prices consequently.

How to Check Certification?

Clean Energy Council (CEC) Australia gives solar retailers accreditation in the country, and consumers can check accredited retailers or installers in their states onthe CEC website. Also, every approved solar installer has an Approved Solar Retailer logo on their marketing material and websites. Thus, to avoid any scams, before buying solar panels, verify the retailers’ accreditation on the Clean Energy Council website.

Make a Checklist!

Before buying solar panels, make a checklist of the following points:

  • The property should be owned by the solar power user, as many landowners might not permit tenants to install solar panels.
  • Roofs must receive excess sunlight and should not be shaded by trees.
  • Installation site size should be large enough i.e. minimum of 15 sq. meters.
  • Installation space must have a sturdy base and can endure the weight of solar panels.
  • The direction of home –north-facing homes get sunlight for longer hours and allow solar PVs to work at high capacity.
  • Check solar panel installation compliance with local government laws.

Also, there are several other checkpoints for different states in Australia, and it is crucial to comprehend them before making a purchasing decision.

Comprehend Solar Rebates in Your State

Solar Rebates are lucrative and make solar PVs more affordable for users, but these schemes are subject to vary. Therefore, check solar rebates modification or eligibility on the official energy website. Since numerous schemes are limited to specific locations or postcodes, require prior installation approvals, or are available for particular income brackets, it is worthreviewing the terms and conditions carefully.

Ultimate Solar Energy, Certified Solar Retailer and Installer

Ultimate Solar Energy is one of the authorized solar panel dealers in Australia and offers high-quality solar power products at reasonable costs along with up-to-date rebates.

Why Ultimate Solar Energy?

With 4.9 Google ratings and hundreds of satisfied customer reviews, Ultimate Solar Energy assures high-quality solar power services. Here is a glimpse of some of our premium solar services:

  1. USE has “up to 50% savings” offers on numerous solar panel brands.
  2. We are CEC-approved retailers.
  3. We have world-class solar technology partners.
  4. We provide Free quotes for best-value solar panel deals.
  5. USE provides end-to-end customer care services.
  6. We have “Bronze Master Electrician” certified solar panel experts and installers who assure professional installation of solar PVs.
  7. We also give a detailed guide to customers about available incentives and rebates, also check their eligibility as per their solar power needs to create economical packages.
  8. Other than product warranty, USE offers Whole Of System on-site services, rectification for five years, and many more.

Wrapping Up

Although there are numerous certified solar panel retailers and installers in Australia, new buyers must check the succeeding details before making a final purchase decision:

  • Certified solar panel retailers always give detailed quotes that include system design, warranty terms, expected power generation, and all prerequisite components/products.
  • Approved solar panel suppliers always offer a Whole Of System additional warranty for installation and rectification.
  • Certified solar product sellers never force their clients to buy any specific product and assure customer satisfaction at any cost.
  • Once the solar panel installer arrives at your domestic/commercial property, check the accreditation documents, such as the digital accreditation ID card, CEC (Clean Energy Council) accreditation card, etc., to avoid any solar scams.