Why should I go solar for my business?

Benefits of Solar Power For Business:

Australia is one of the best countries in the world to go solar.

Here we have an amazing solar resource that allows us to highly reduce consumption from the grid saving us thousands of dollars annually in electricity.

Commercial businesses in Australia usually expend too much on electricity, therefore, saving costs and also applying for great government incentives can ensure that your business has a sustainable and stable use of electricity at lower costs.

Here you can take a look at further benefits of going solar if you own small, medium or large business in Australia.

Promote your business as a conservative energy company

Solar power is really appreciated and generally accepted in all of Australia. Show your interest in energy conservation and renewable energy and your customers will show interest in you

Increase your cash flow        

Solar panels will help you reduce consumption from the grid and will allow you to recover your investment probably in less than 3-4 years! The system is warrantied over 25 years, so you still have over 20 years to take advantage of free solar electricity

Time of Use Management will help you achieve more revenues

Choose a solar panel system with battery storage to make use of solar energy when the electricity rate of the grid is higher over the night! Get higher profits by storing your solar energy for later use when the difference between the cost of grid electricity and the free solar electricity is wider

Photovoltaic systems are reliable and the most accessible distributable generation among renewable energy sources

Choosing green energy helps you save the planet and do your part in climate change! However, not all renewable energy systems can be easily installed by a property owner. Solar PV systems are the best solution to make yourself more independent from the grid, to save money and to install your own renewable energy generator

Forget about instability

The Australian electricity spot and wholesale market is highly fluctuating and sometimes presents undesirable surprises on electricity at the end of the month! Forget about instability and choose an option that guarantees security and projection over time

Most expensive rate / stable and goes up

Government Incentives

Solar PV systems are one of the best ways to apply for government incentives and rebates Learn more about this here

 Solar adjusts to your budget

Take a look at all the available financial options and choose the one that better suits your needs.

Choose Ultimate Solar Energy

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