6 Reasons to use Solar Energy: Why Right Now Is A Great Time To Go Solar in Australia 2020

Importance of Using Solar in Australia 2020:


Australians have been a little vague these days and nobody can blame them. But their distraction could lead to some missing out on the advantages of installing Solar (pv) right now.

The impacts of the coronavirus COVID-19 are felt badly throughout the country, but the usual bills keep rolling in especially electricity bills.

There are some bright spots even though there’s a lot that really sucks financially-speaking at the moment.

Here are the reasons suggests why now is a particularly good time to go solar.

The Stock Market Sucks
It’s a brave person that  will give it a go and takes on dueling trading algorithms these days in order to try and make profit on the stock market during this crazy time. The ASX is like like a dog’s breakfast and has been all over the place.

But there’s a sure-fire way to get a great return on your cash and that is acquiring a professionally installed solar power system which is of good quality.

For example, the following are estimated savings and simple payback periods over ten years for a 6.6kW solar system that has costed $6,600 installed in the various capitals:

Adelaide: 3 years (10 years savings: $25,172)

Brisbane: 3 years (10 years savings: $22,695)
Sydney: 3 years (10 years savings: $22,132)
Melbourne: 3 years (10 years savings: $20,812)

Canberra: 4 years (10 years savings: $17,481)
Hobart: 5 years (10 years savings: $15,117)
Perth: 5 years (10 years savings: $14,385)
Darwin: 3 years (10 years savings: $27,910)

Currency Exchange Rate Sucks
The US dollar was particularly strong against the Australian dollar going into the coronavirus crisis and it’s almost as though it’s caught the disease itself since.

Why is this important and what does it have to do with solar power?

It is clear that most of the world’s solar panel components are manufactured China, and are traded by china with overseas partners mainly in U.S. dollars. This means inverters, solar panels and other components will start costing more very soon as new stock is ordered as the current stock may run out and for producing more they will need to invest more on that which means indirectly all the consumers will get affected with it.

Paying Electricity Companies (Always) a problem:

Regardless of the circumstances this applies at any time. Each month you avoid installing panels is another month you’re locking yourself into electricity bills that will be higher than your expectation. In fact the figures you’ll most often see on your electricity bills after getting solar panels with an appropriately sized system should be credits; assuming your energy consumption profile remains the same.

Generous Subsidies Still Available
It’s still more than 8 months before Australia’s solar rebate gets reduced again, but procrastination is going to bite us. If we can do it today so why put off to tomorrow?

Supporting Local Jobs
We have solid information indicating that (good) installers are seeing a slowdown in new installation enquiries contrary to what some are reporting. By going solar (PV) now, you’ll be helping to support a local business and its employees through this difficult time, while benefiting from a great deal and an even higher degree of customer service.

A Coronavirus Cooties-Free Experience
Arranging to install solar power is not a contact sport, nor does it need to involve you getting up close and personal with anyone. Much of the process can occur online or over the phone, and a site visit by a prospective installer doesn’t have to involve that person being inside your home.

The same thing should happen on the day of installation – the installers will be on your rooftop for the most part, not in your lounge-room.

The companies Ultimate Solar Energy works with are very capable and aware of the fact that the Aussies are now sensitive to having others inside their home – and are more than happy to work within and over-and-above social-distancing guidelines.

Bear in mind too that even in a worst-case scenario of all businesses being suddenly ordered to suspend operations, when things fire back up you’ll be ahead of the demand that will likely follow.

How To Get Started going for Solar?
You can get started today by requesting quotes from USE . Or if you’re eager to learn more about the ins and outs of buying solar in Australia, Contact us for more information.

When talking about using solar energy in Australia it is important to mention the savings that it gets and the user satisfaction are worth discussion.

The traditional ways of using electricity are not only expensive but there is more chance that you may get affected by power cuts, high energy bills, and a troublesome lifestyle. And that is the reason why we recommend you to go solar now without further delay. Since solar energy is more affordable and most emerging in the Australian energy market therefore the solar rebates from solar Victoria may reduce in the future since they are high demands of solar due to its provision. We never know if it drops over the upcoming years to make it difficult for Australian households to take the maximum benefit of solar energy. Therefore solar panels Melbourne right now is the perfect choice for consumers. So what are you waiting for? Just click on on that quote for solar panels in Victoria now. Our dedicated members will immediately contact you and assist you with making the right choice regarding photovoltaics.

Another Reason for installing solar panels in the coronavirus as it has taken the world by a storm and Australia is no exception. There are Covid-19 provisions also available by solar Victoria that includes solar Rebates of $1888 interest-free loans, and extension of the repaying period. We can expect that with the control of the virus spread it may be abandoned or gets reduced therefore we suggest you go Green now. If this doesn’t encourage you to go solar panels in Melbourne I wonder what will do.

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