solar panels Melbourne: Compare system installers and prices 2020

Solar Panels Melbourne

Solar panels are the first common sight on the rooftops of households and businesses in Melbourne. Installation of the solar panel is the best investment enabling you to save energy and decorating your rooftop as a real estate. Solar installationMelbourne has helped many households through joining the rooftop revolution with energy matters to supply and install solar power systems in homes. People enjoy the hassle-free solar experience and save money that pays energy bills. Solar panels Melbourne install systems that protect your solar panel for many years by including unique system performance. Installing a solar panel will not only build a sustainable future but also reduce the rising energy bills.

The installation of solar panel has low maintenance and increase the value of your property.Before installing solar panels in Melbourne, you need to know the steps to install to inspect your work ideally. Researching more about the cost of solar panels in the market help you to set your budget and know how much the quality equipment in the market cost. Be aware of measures you should take to maintain the solar panel to last longer and provide you with good services. Come up with factors to consider when buying solar panel appliances so that to choose the best products. For the best services, you can not ignore to do research and believe in selecting the best company to install solar panels to hire in Melbourne.

Why It Is Worthy To Install Solar Panel

The best way to determine how worth solar panel affects the savings, cost, and payback of your property and bills is to use solar power calculator.

Saves Money

Currently, there is a 6.6kW solar panel system that costs between $6000 to 8500 when you need the best. The electricity you use depends on the amount you will save, ranging from $1200 to $2000 and sometimes more. Electricity usage and variables like location, tilt, and roof orientation, influence the period of payback. You can save money by generating power directly from the solar panel, which is around 30c per kWh. Save around 10c per kWh by getting the grid to receive feed-in tariff as a credit for excess power. Solar panel installation produces a large amount of energy for home usage reducing your dependency on conventional power sources. Solar panels generate power for appliances and lighting at home, reducing the electricity bills by having your electricity from the sunshine. Connect water heater directly to a solar panel to use hot shower comfortably without the stress of power outage. Installation of the solar panel helps you enjoy the resale value of your home and provide an affordable home heating system.

Feed-in Tariff for Surplus Energy

The system generates excess, which you can sell back to your energy retailer at a rate known as a feed-in tariff. In some countries, the rate is fixed, while in others, it changes over time.The rate of buying power is higher than the feed-in tariff rate.

Investing on Future

Installation of solar panels Melbourne is easy to access energy, renewable and sustainable that promotes economic stability. For example, selling excess electricity to the grid helps you ensure electricity availability to others and gain earnings.

Payback Periods

Use the Solar Choice payback period calculator to enter specifics details of your solar system and determine the payback period. Electricity usage and variables like location, tilt, and roof orientation influence the period of payback.

How to Install Solar Panels

 Learn how to install solar panels to monitor the project and ensureit meets the required standards.The knowledge can help you establish small solar projects and know good experts to hire for more significant projects. Before installation, you need to understand factors that affect the size and number of solar panels to install. These includes:

  • Needs of Your Power

The appliances and lighting systems at your home determines the energy demand that solar panel will generate.Analyzing monthly energy bills helps you to know the number of meetings. Solar panels allow you to balance some or all electricity costs.

  • Number of Sun Hours

Sun hours determine the amount of electricity by a panel in a particular location. More energy can be generated with few solar modules when the sunrise for more hours.Few hours of the sun increases the number of panels installed, developing a good amount of power.

  • Size and Design of Your House

The size of your house can determine the number of panels to install and the area to be mounted. Big houses have large roofs that accommodate many panels to generate energy—a good design of the top helps the boards face the sun’s direction.

Here is the guide to follow step by step to know during solar panel installation in Melbourne.

Step 1: Find the Best Location

Before installing the panels, survey your property to find the best place. The efficiency of the solar modules is determined by the direction of the roof and pitch. The best spot is not determined by the area where the sun hits. The location of installation should have maximum exposure to the sun throughout the day.

Step 2: Build the Platform

It involves the preparation of the area for placing the modules. Metal or aluminium rails are used to construct the platforms. You measure the length and width of the panels to design the mounting system in mind. It is suitable for the mounting system to be strong enough so that to withstand extreme weather. Thegenerated power will be processed by platform build that runs conduits from installation to the house.

Step 3: Mount the Panels

Bolts, clamps, and brackets are used to mount the panels on the platform. Modules are held firmly on the forum using these accessories. Installers should tilt the mounting system to support the base of solar panels. Avoid damages and accidents when installing panels on the roof.

Step 4: Wiring

Junction connectors and fuse combiner boxes are used for wiring the solar modules together. Cables are insulated to prevent power leakage and accidents. Connect the exterior wiring with interior control panels after completion. Connection helps energy to flow from disconnect to charge controller then to the battery bank for storage. The wiring stage is vital, and you should hire experienced professionals to avoid injury or damage to the solar panel system.

Step 5: Grounding the Panels and also The Mounting System

Installation of panels requires the earthing of solar panels and the mounting system. This helps to protect you and others at the house from electric shock, which can be dangerous. Earthing protects against fire caused by the system and solar component against lightning which causes a power surge. The mounting system consists of metal that should be earthed to remain six inches above the ground.

Step 6: Install Solar Inverter

Connect the solar inverter to the system by installing it near the main panel, both indoors and outdoors. The cooler the place, the more efficient the inverters become. Outdoors inverter should be kept out by installers to prevent it from the afternoon sun. Indoors inverter should be kept by installers in garage or utility room to have ventilation and stay calm most of the year.

Step 7: Bond Solar Inverter and Solar Batteries

The solar inverter is connected to the solar battery. Solar battery storage helps you to save usable energy throughout cloudy periods and, during installation, lower the solar battery storage system costs.

Step 8: Connect the Electrical Components

Electrical components should be connected by professionals properly. Fitting the parts of the solar system is easy since the wiring is done. Battery backup can be in the design, which requires many numbers components. Experts should correctly connect the inverter, charge controller, panels, and battery. The power is then connected from the inverter to the central electrical control of the household.

Step 9: Test Run

A test run is done after checking everything in the system. Testing is done by switching the power on to see how the newly installed solar panel works. Test run helps to ensure that everything is working correctly. After confirmation of system installation, you can now enjoy the energy from the solar panel.

The Cost of Solar Panels in Melbourne

There are costs and outright expenses for the installation of solar panels in Melbourne. The structure of solar panels involves switching some or all the household energy supply to photovoltaic systems. Small households with low energy usage can use a 6.6kW system, while large families with higher energy consumption can get a 9.9kW system to sustain their current and future needs. Solar system Melbourne receives about 4.1 kWh and 4.8 kWh of raw sunshine per day in a square meter of roof. This makes the government of Victoria offer a 50% rebate of eligible installation, helping people save an average of $2225 on an install.

 The final installation cost depends on the components used, the solar company you choose, and the unit size you need. The federal incentive can be determined by the size of the house and the average consumption of electricity. Investing in Melbourne’s solar system is considered a rewarding choice because of savings and sustaining the environmental aspects. Solar installation Melbourne offers the most competitive prices for solar system installations. Melbourne households enjoy significant profits of solar energy powered to them even when they are further south.

How to Maintain Solar Panel?

There is little maintenance of solar panels. There are no costs associated with care once you have covered the installation cost of solar panels. Solar panels need to be inspected few times a year to clean dirt or things that have been covered on top. Panels efficiently absorb the sun when they are clean because nothing is blocking them. Consider warranty conditions before cleaning panels by consulting your installer. Do not sprinkle them with cold water when they are hot to avoid damages. Cleaning should be done morning or evening to avoid distractions. You should be aware of the specific maintenance requirements of your solar system by asking your installer.

How to Know the Best Solar Panel for Your Home?

  • Recommendations

You can get reviews and advice from colleagues, family members, and friends. Research on social media to see comments about the best solar system. This enables you to acquire knowledge from people who have experiences and become alert of any problems. It allows you to avoid problems by choosing the best solar system and learning the potential ideas on how to maintain the solar system.

  • Solar Panel Mounting

Have a professional that will be able to mount ground and track the system. Suitable mounting enables your solar system to be strong and withstand severe weather such as storms.The mounting system is essential, and you should have warranty documents, wind certification, and relevant documents from the company installing the solar system.

  • Solar Inverter Efficiency

Some solar inverters are not equal and do not have the efficiency to directly impact the total time it takes for a system to pay itself. The more efficient the averter, the better the solar system, so look at the inverter’s efficiency before purchasing.

  • Avoid High-Pressure Sales Persons

Do not make decisions of dealing with high-pressure sales tactics. Just ask people to know whether the offer is legit. Pressured requests turn to be less advantageous in reflection, so a claim from people can help you to make decisions.

  • Length of The Manufacturer’s Warranty

The manufacturer should be reputable and have a warranty period on the panels to provide you with an offer. The warranty should be substantial to help your solar system last for a long time to pay itself and make a profit. The manufacturer has continuous operations that honour the warranty.

  • Have Realistic Price Expectations

Inadequate quality equipment can have low prices when compared with similar size systems. You better get quality equipment and installation which is not cheap. You should also check the company that is providing the equipment and compare their components and warranty periods. Well-established companies have increased buying power and substantial savings to offer quality equipment at better prices.

  • Solar Panel Certifications

Buy panels that will attract a government rebate—the number of times the solar panels have undergone are indicated by certification. Certification also shows how the panel has undergone thorough testing by an independent laboratory and meets advertised specifications.

  • Decide on The Type of Panels

The expensive and highly efficient mono-crystalline panels are used in unlimited roof space. It has thin-film technologies and polycrystalline panel technologies that change rapidly. It is also essential to consider the panel sizes and output of your ample roof space. There is the depreciation of the power output of the area and unable to add more panels later when you fill unproductive meetings on the roof.

  • The Size of Solar Panel System You Need

The time you use electricity and the amount you use helps you to know the size of the solar system you need. You can use a 5kW solar system in a typical home to generate daytime power that uses 20kWh.

  • Number of Panels You Need

The member of panels determines the power output of the whole solar system. It is best if you had fewer panels when there is a higher panel nominal rating. A more extensive rooftop requires many solar panels to generate more power. You can buy cheaper panels and install more of them with lower efficiency so that to be economical.

The Top Best Solar Installers inMelbourne

During solar installation In Melbourne, you need to look at the best companies for better end products for your project. Ultimate Solar energy is the leading supplier of solar panels in Melbourne that provides power solutions. It is a solar power and battery storage system installation company locating in Tullamarine, which is about 15 km of north-west at Melbourne. It helps you have a backup in your house and reduces energy consumption from the grid for the lowest cost. The list packages of appliances and equipment range from 3kW to 10Kw. The company has certified installations with solar power systems that specialized solar designers and electricians install. The company support customers to understand anything about solar energy.

 Ultimate Solar energy provides the system warranty, ensuring customers that the PV system will produce the required energy output for over 25 years of installation. The company has USE’s quality assurance team that recommend customers the most recognized and quality products in the industry. It helps your business to achieve energy freedom, reduce energy costs and increase sustainability. The customer can know how the solar system works and its advantages through their guidance and education. It is the best solar panel installer in Melbourne and provides the best solar power systems in Melbourne. There is expert advice to determine the best solar system that ensemble your lifestyle and home. People use energy differently, and the company provides a high level of support and guidance during the installation of solar power in Melbourne. Ultimate Solar energy helps your business to cut operating costs and latch in energy rates. Solar system Melbourne helps your business by controlling the energy usage and sustaining your business in the future by increasing the electricity tariffs.

It is an energy solutions company with engineers and professional installers that help by providing high-quality and economical solar PV systems with domestic and commercial solutions for customers. The company highly considers its customers by providing optimum and cost-effective engineering designs, exceptional after-sales services, and high-standard installations. The solar energy partners team offers high-quality and cost-effective solar PV systems. They ensure that the benefits suit your energy profile, budget, and location by minimizing or completely removing the electricity bills.

If you need solar panel installation, Ultimate Solar Energy is an excellent solar business company that is always helpful and has superb customer service. Everyone should recommend people to use their services because it is a great company.

solar panels Melbourne: Compare system installers and prices

The first question that arises in everyone’s mind in victoria is Are solar panels still worth the investment in Melbourne? It seems so Thousands of Victorian households have installed solar panels or PV systems in the last decade alone, in Melbourne area now with 10-20% of homes are meeting at least part of their energy needs with the sun. This article discusses the case for solar panel in Melbourne, Victoria.

If you are Interested in buying solar power for your Melbourne-based business then you should read our article on Commercial Solar Power in Melbourne.
There are many reasons you should go solar but we have discussed 4 Reasons to Go Solar in Melbourne, Victoria.
1. Harness the sun to power your home

It’s a fact that Australia has became a home to some of the best solar energy resources in the world. Even though Melbourne is at more south than Sydney or Brisbane, there’s still enough sun power or sunshine to make panels a profitable investment for households in the region.


There are many reasons you should go solar but we have discussed 4 Reasons to Go Solar in Melbourne, Victoria.

A typical Melbourne home’s roof according to experts receives about 4.7 kilowatt-hours (kWh) or more of raw sunshine per square meter on a daily basis, while other experts analysis averages work out to about 4.18kWh. Essential,Basically this sunshine or sunlight is the ‘fuel’ for the solar systems installed in the region.Although not physically possible, If a solar PV system could be 100% efficient it makes possible for a 1 kilowatt (kW) solar system in Melbourne to produce between 4.17kWh – 4.79kWh of energy per day, and a 2kW system would produce double power compared to the 1 kw system.

However In real life, there are efficiency differences or should we say losses that must be taken into consideration between the time the sun hits your panels and when it exits on the solar system’s inverter. The below mentioned table shows a rough daily energy output figures for a variety of popular solar system sizes if installed on a north-side facing roof in Melbourne area, If we assume an efficiency loss of around 25% or a bit less.
Approximately daily solar Photovoltaics system yields in Melbourne some of the Popular system sizes, at about 85% efficiency.
Avg daily system output Solar system size (kilowatt-hours)
1.49kW 4.71kWh – 5.42kWh
2.1kW 6.4kWh – 7.3kWh
3.0kW 9.5kWh – 10.4kWh
4.1kW 12.4kWh – 14.5Wh
5.0kW 15.8kWh -18.7kWh
7.2kW 21.8kWh – 25.4kWh
10.1kW 31.2kWh – 36.4kWh

How solar energy saves you money

If you are a melbourne resident then You have to purchase all of your electricity from an energy retailer when you are grid is not connected with any solar system, . Normally, you will pay around 21 cents for every kilowatt-hour you use.

This means that having solar panels by reducing your need to purchase energy from the grid allow you to save money– every unit of solar energy  you ‘self-consume’ in your home is a unit that you do not need to pay for. A possibility to earn credits (a minimum of 12c/kWh) for selling your energy into the grid, but you’ll save far more money by focusing on maximising your solar self-consumption.


2. Solar incentives by the federal government

There is no more state-based feed-in tariff incentive in Victoria, the federal government’s Renewable Energy Target consists of a mechanism that decreases the up-front cost of solar installations under 100kW in capacity.

There are a number of factors upon which the actual value of the incentive depends such as system size and location, but usually works out to be around 30% of the total installation cost. This is basically one of the important reasons why Australia is the home to some of the lowest solar PV or solar power system prices in the world.

As an example,it results in a reduction of $2,200 to $2,950 off the sticker price. when this incentive is applied to a 5 kilo Watt solar system in Melbourne.

Read more about incentives available for rooftop solar in melbourne under the Renewable Energy Target

3. Solar systems are affordable

Thanks in the Victorian State scheme and great part to the RET as Melbourne has became the home to some of the lowest Solar Panel system installation prices in the world – The main reason or probably one of the reasons that there are such large amounts of rooftop solar installed across the region.

The chart below shows the average solar prices in Australia from early August 2012 to 2019.The prices of melbourne and their Average are represented by the light blue line. All these prices are in dollars per watt ($/W) format to make it easy to compare pricing across system sizes.



Solar panels a great return on investment in Melbourne:

Melbourne home owners that uses solar power can save hundreds of dollar per year, which when is combined with low system prices discussed earlier helps get their money returned into payback periods as short as 3-6 years. It depends on how much of solar energy is used by their homes directly. Keep this fact in mind, however it is also a reality that lower prices don’t always necessarily mean lower quality, sometimes low price can also give you some of the best panels but it depends on your solar provider and also they should be approached with a healthy degree of caution.

A solar PV system in melbourne as it is expected that it should continue to produce power for up to 24 or 25 years (with replacements of inverter every 7-12 years). As we know Any system downtime (due to any reason like component failure) will result in extended payback periods along with the costs that may be incurred for replacements or repairs not covered in warranty.

The table mentioned below gives an overview of the case for investing in various size systems in the Melbourne area. The table uses average system prices keep this fact in mind that lower system prices can or should deliver more impressive returns when used in the right way. Furthermore, we generally use conservative figures for the example menntioned below that include’s an efficiency rate of 75% and ‘high’ and ‘low’ self consumption of solar scenarios for different system sizes.



What about battery storage in Melbourne homes are they worth it?
when we talk about solar panels in melbourne we basically refer to the savings that the residents in the area can do by installing solar but One way to increase solar self-consumption which is so important to have a battery storage system installed.

Adding Battery Storage To Your Solar System
You will need a battery storage If you mostly use electricity outside daylight hours then adding a battery can be a great way to use more of your excess solar power. Battery technology became more popular recently, it’s now possible to save solar which you don’t use during day time to keep things running overnight rather than relying on the grid once the sun’s set. Although they are still quite pricey but they are rapidly  becoming more affordable.

solar-batteries melbourne 2020

if you are looking for solar panels in Melbourne, please contact ultimate solar energy that will help you make the right deision.

A variety of Solar Panels Melbourne is available with USE. You can choose different brands of solar panels of your choice. Ultimate Solar Energy also offers different packages for residential and commercial use. You can save massive amounts of money using our packages, for example, the platinum package will save you a handsome amount somewhere between $890 and $1917 as it comes with a 6.6KW solar system, however it depends on your energy consumption and location. 

If you have a small family you can install a 5kw system that gives an output of 7200 to 7800 kWh/year.
6.5 KW system is also provided that is suitable for large families upto 5 people and gives an output of 9100 to 10400 kWh/year.
Solar panels for small business in Australia or also available that has the capacity of 10 KW system and gives an output of 14900 to 15330 kWh/year.

Estimated savings can also be calculated using the calculator present on our home page. It gives you the idea of how much you can save on a monthly and annual basis just by selecting your nearest city, your household person count comma, and the timing of your excessive energy use. It will show you the savings estimates that will help you make better decisions about solar panels Melbourne. Moreover, ultimate solar energy provides certified installations as we have specialized solar designers and electricians that I can always help you. Aur 24 by 7 customer support is second to none as we guide you through the whole process and help you when you need us most. A system warranty of 25 years is also provided which is is the higher industry standard.
Why you should opt for solar panels Melbourne
The most important reason is the savings you get with installing solar panels, it is eco friendly and gives you the peace of mind. In case of a power cut, you will no longer be affected by it which is quite remarkable. So what are you waiting for just click on on this solar panels Melbourne and get a quote now get all these benefits with ultimate solar energy?

Ultimate solar energy also provides commercial solar packages with affordable prices, we provide a free consultation, site inspection, and feasibility study and proposal true to help grow your business. No upfront costs so it means you only pay for the solar energy used and we also provide discounted rates compare to grid tariff.
Lease limited upfront cost
Ultimate solar energy provides an option off lease with fixed monthly payments and also of the fixed term. At the end of the term, you will own the system not just that you can have great savings after a purchase with us. The ability to pay back between a long turn off of 3 to 6 years is wonderful to have in addition to the immediate ownership of the system comma and foremost guarantee of over 25 years. You can have different financing options with ultimate solar energy when the forms of purchase that means a cash purchase on the spot. True lease with the help of which you can spread the cost of installation over in the agreed payment term. power purchase agreement is another option available with ultimate solar energy, it includes purchasing the electricity generated by the solar panel system rather than the system itself which helps you to get rid of the extra expenses.