LG vs Sunpower Solar Panel Comparison- LG Solar panels Review

If you are looking to install solar panels on your rooftop it is important to know some of the greatest manufacturers of solar panels in Australia. The selection of solar panels directly affects the cost and performance and ultimately the lifestyle of customers therefore without comparing the most popular solar panels in LG versus SunPower solar comparison.
Both of these companies offer a variety of products suitable to assist all kinds of customers if you are a household and want residential solar or you are a businessman and want to install the commercial solar all types of options will be discussed in this article.

when we talk about solar panels the main question that comes to mind is that how much is gonna cost me? how it will produce electricity? What will be the warranty of panels and for how long it’s can back me up with my electricity needs?
Cost of solar panels in Australia
Easy way to compare prices of solar panels is to consider that how much it will cost per watt, Saudi higher the price for what the efficient solar panels may be however it may not hold true for all the panels but generally speaking if you buy a solar panel with least expensive prices it it may not provide the same power and efficiency that the higher brands do.
Cost of LG solar panels
Generally, LG solar panels or less expensive compared to sun power panels but this does not mean that LG compromises on quality, so it is pertinent to mention that LG would be the first choice if you are considering between the two and are looking to save extra bucks.
Cost of SunPower solar panels

Sunpower solar panels provide great efficiency and performance but typically or more expensive than their counterpart LG panels.
So those customers who are are curious about LG end SunPower solar panels prices just now that LG offers a better price then SunPower at a rough estimate it will give around $ 0.10 or more per what difference that can really make a difference even on a small residential system.
Solar panels production
As it is obvious that solar panels generate electricity from sun rays and the amount will be determined by everything from how many panels you have installed and how efficient they are?
The main two factors for determining the performance of solar panels is wattage and efficiency.
Luckily both LG end SunPower offers efficient solar panels ranging from Mid-tier to high-efficiency panels.
The wattage rating is how many watt-hours it will produce in 1 hour considering of full sunshine. The angle and the region where solar panels are installed are also important factors that affect the efficiency and performance of solar panels.
Solar panel warranties
Industry-standard solar panel warranties range from 20 to 25 years, all reputable solar module manufacturers encourage customers to opt for their services with their warranties. However, there are some rules and regulations that need to be read properly before choosing a solar panel based on warranty as they might ask you to install solar panels on the official installer or they even question your geographical location and weather.
Lg and Sunpower solar panel warranties
Both the companies provide a 25-year product warranty which is quite good. LG have in age over SunPower since it was founded in 1958 and has been around for decades. They not only produce solar panels but they also produce electronics such as mobile phones air conditioners, TVs along with making dish watches. Therefore it is a trustworthy company. Some power although provides 25-year warranty but in November last year, they have announced to to become to separate companies SunPower and maxeon solar technologies this has introduced more uncertainty relating to their warranties.
LG e claims that their solar panels will produce at least 90% electricity after 25 years while sun power claims to provide at least 92% so it means that both of them are quite classy.

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